Machine Packaging


Packaging that sends the competition packing.

Packing technology the way you need it.

There are many ways to package goods, no matter if single items or large batches. We offer you everything necessary for product-specific packaging:

  • The competence of decades of experience in mail-order marketing and teleshopping
  • The chance to process even small lots in high-end quality





Flow Packs


Better safe than sorry.

Packaging solutions for delicate goods: flow packs

Question: how can a single item or a certain number of goods be packaged as carefully and economically as possible? The answer is: flow packs.

First, the product is placed horizontally on the conveyor belt and moved into position. The film tube (which can be transparent, printed or coated) will automatically wrap around it.

Blister Packaging


Easy on the Eyes

The right solution for an attractive display: thermoformed blisters, cardboard and a mix of both

Selling is always a matter of visibility, too. That’s why it is so important to present objects in a very appealing way. In many cases, thermoformed blisters are the best way to go. The product in question is not only well protected but also well displayed by the combination of various packaging components.

Shrink Wraps and Sleeves


It’s a wrap!

Larger amounts of goods, securely packaged

  • A whole tray of beverage cans – shrink-wrapped for transport without wiggle-room.
  • Books without damages – we got it covered.

High-frequency welded blister packaging


Hands off!

Packaging with top protection: high-frequency welded blisters

The “strongbox” of packaging methods! Because this soundly welded capsule is almost impossible to open without tools, it is perfectly suited for premium goods which are rather prone to be stolen (such as data storage media or high-end tools). At the same time, the transparent shell offers great presentation opportunities at the point of sale.