Storage and shipping

We’ll deal with it.

Storage and shipping in competent hands – fulfillment as it’s supposed to be.

You have a special product for sale on line – but no time to handle the shipping?

You are looking for a partner who can reliably take over your drop-shipping?

Concerning logistics, we know what we are talking about – from efficient storage to on-time delivery to the end user. We take care of things so that you can concentrate on your core business, including every step of modern drop shipment – exactly how the customer wants it.
  • Taking orders

      All incoming orders are entered and processed a.s.a.p. – so that the customer will receive the goods as fast as he wishes.

      • Storage

          We have the space and the know-how to offer contemporary warehouse logistics at its best. Products are stored appropriately and prepared for dispatch extremely fast.

          • Commissioning

          Compilation of customer orders according to pick lists

          • Packaging

          Optimized materials and efficient handling: that’s how goods can be delivered economically and securely nowadays.

          • Postage

          It’s not just the postage itself – we know how to get the best deals concerning terms and conditions with shipping agencies and courier services. Because it’s our job.

          • Shipping

          See above. We just know how to get things to the end customer quickly and easily.

          • Billing

          If required, we will also take over the complete invoicing process.

          • Clearing and Credit Control

          Talk to us about the ideal way to handle payment monitoring and dunning, giving you the convenience and the security you want.

          • Returns Management

          This is one of our core competences. We will take care of anything the customer send back or claims as damaged. Replacement shipping can be handled quickly because with us, it’s a one-stop service.

          • Aftermarket

          We do everything to keep the customer happy: of course, we will also handle the delivery of spare parts and consumable supplies.

          Sometimes things can be repaired, sometimes they must be disposed of – we check every returned part and take care of both.

          • Customer Support

          The best way to create a positive customer relationship is helpfulness and attention. That’s why a competent call-center is also part of our services if required.

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