Blister Packaging

Easy on the Eyes

The right solution for an attractive display: thermoformed blisters, cardboard and a mix of both

Selling is always a matter of visibility, too. That’s why it is so important to present objects in a very appealing way. In many cases, thermoformed blisters are the best way to go. The product in question is not only well protected but also well displayed by the combination of various packaging components.

For cosmetics and other small objects, this offers optimum packaging: the cardboard back offers extra space for advertising copy and graphic presentation while the plastic shell offers not only protection but also additional stability and an impression of quality. We offer a number of combinations between various materials, beginning with all cardboard over cardboard/plastic composites up to all-plastic.

  • Lip gloss is a rather small item. The cardboard back, including an opening for the display hook, can lend optical support to the visibility of the product, containing the necessary graphic promotion elements at the same time. A transparent plastic casing protects the content but does not keep the customer from seeing the color shade.
  • Memory cards for cameras are small, too, and rather at risk of theft. That’s why the plastic casing is enclosed between two cardboard frames – access is made impossible while the customer can be sure to receive an undamaged product.
Particularly for eco-friendly products, it is possible to forgo plastic completely, creating a packaging made only from cardboard. A window cut precisely to the wanted size allows the customer to have a look at the product before buying.
Thermische Blister Thermische Blister