Customized manual packing (bundling)

So, whaddaya want?

Special packaging solutions – just the way you like them.

Single products are fine – but product combinations are sometimes better! The offer additional benefits to the user and can be presented much more prominently. It can be very effective to match several items in order to create a themed set (such as face care miniatures in a little travel bag).

We will handle the assembly of bundles for special promotion campaigns or compile different products to create promotion kits, of course including the adequate packaging.

  • We sort the goods

No matter what quantities – we will take care of your project. We will process all items according to your specifications.

  • We arrange the perfect product mix

With the know-how for economical bundling, we will handle the assembly of promotion kits and their attractive packaging in-house.

  • We pack small series and special sizes

Sometimes, less is more – for instance if you want to sell discontinued stock remainders or special editions with maximum impact. Our flexibility allows us to process any given amount of goods quickly and efficiently.

  • We produce promotion articles and handle the proper display packaging

An appealing display is crucial for spontaneous buying decisions – nevertheless, the product must be packaged safely. We offer you the right know-how as well as the necessary technology.

  • We apply all kinds of labels, tags, and barcodes to products exactly as needed.

You can rely on our long-term experience concerning the required labeling as well as the addition of promotional stickers – all-round service the way you like it!

  • We advise you concerning the perfect product combination

Successful sales also contain the ideal way of offering your products. That’s something we know inside out. For many years, we have been developing creative ideas for marketing all kinds of items. Just ask us – we are happy to assist you!