Processing of Goods / Reworks

Hey, you can still use that!

Returned goods and remainders, perfectly reworked.

Returns are inevitable in mail-order selling. But they do not only consist of damaged articles – very often, the goods come back because the customer didn’t like them or he ordered various samples to choose from. So we are talking about a lot of things which are fully usable.

Because of our long-term experience with teleshopping, we are well acquainted with everything necessary to re-work returned goods for another sale. Our services include

  • The careful sorting of goods according to reusability

We check each and every returned article for optical and functional faults. Damaged goods are taken out and disposed, reusable articles are kept. This solution is twice as economical because it creates less waste and more turnover.

  • • The grading of goods according to various quality degrees

Depending on the goods, we are also able to sort articles following individually defined criteria as stated by the customer. This truly proves our flexibility.

  • Checking of expiration dates

Returns and remainders are thoroughly checked for shelf life conditions – very important with cosmetics and similar goods.

  • • Unpacking and cleaning

All traces of wear or use must be expertly taken care of. We will clean and sanitize articles according to the individual hygiene requirements.

  • New labeling

New original labels and tags are professionally mounted.

  • New packaging

Opened packages are removed and replaced. For our full range of packaging offers, click here.

  • Redemption of merchandise as well as end-customer returns
As professionals in the trade and long-term mail-order handlers (with special know-how in teleshopping), we know the ropes in this area. We will meet all demands resulting out of supply contracts. We can also meet certification requirements for certain industries.

We make sure that every re-worked article will reach the end customer in perfect quality.