Shrink Wraps and Sleeves

It’s a wrap!

Larger amounts of goods, securely packaged

  • A whole tray of beverage cans – shrink-wrapped for transport without wiggle-room.
  • Books without damages – we got it covered.
  • • Toys – perfectly visible but perfectly protected against unwanted handling.
By shrink-wrapping, you can package larger amounts of goods as well as a combination of articles so that they are secured against slipping and protected from dirt and humidity. We offer the wrapping of single items and complete batches – a quick and economical solution.

Sleeves make sense if only a part of the surface must be covered – such as products which the customer likes to touch. Still, the wrap guarantees that the article is in mint condition and ensures that combined goods will stay together at the PoS, even in bargain bins.

Of course we will also carry out the applying of labels, tags, or additional promotion stickers. In addition to various wrapping sizes, we are able to implement pull strips or perforation, just as required.