Customized manual packing (bundling)


So, whaddaya want?

Special packaging solutions – just the way you like them.

Single products are fine – but product combinations are sometimes better! The offer additional benefits to the user and can be presented much more prominently. It can be very effective to match several items in order to create a themed set (such as face care miniatures in a little travel bag).

We will handle the assembly of bundles for special promotion campaigns or compile different products to create promotion kits, of course including the adequate packaging.

Processing of Goods / Reworks


Hey, you can still use that!

Returned goods and remainders, perfectly reworked.

Returns are inevitable in mail-order selling. But they do not only consist of damaged articles – very often, the goods come back because the customer didn’t like them or he ordered various samples to choose from. So we are talking about a lot of things which are fully usable.